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Weihai industry, mechanical and electrical manufacturing co., LTD(Weihai wendeng torch roll co., LTD)Beautiful city located in the jiaodong peninsula——Weihai tangerang district mountain east road13Number,309National highway,From the railway station、High-speed railway station and airport10Kilometers,20Minutes' drive,The traffic is very convenient。The company was founded in1995Years。The main products of the company in two stages,From ninety s to the first stage2008Years,The main production metallurgical rollers,Services for the major domestic steel mills,From2002To2008Years,Roll All exported the United States。The second phase,2008In the global economic crisis,The order is not sufficient,Impact the production,The domestic developing green energy——Wind power generation,The company seize the opportunity,Investment1000More than ten thousand yuan to introduce equipment......

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