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High intelligence、High precision、Fully automaticYou have to choose teng reason foreverYou have to choose the grounds

Strength01Have professional continuous mixer is designed、Research and development、Production and manufacturing experience

Continuous mixer equipment design、Research and development、Production and sales in the peer in a leading position

Rich experience in production,Advanced technology and equipment,Get multiple patent certificate

Product sales in all parts of the country,And exported to dozens of areas abroad

Technology02Establish production with east China university of science and technology、To learn、The research of strategic alliance

Has been developed suitable for high fill、High concentration、High-grade masterbatch and other special
Material mixing requires efficient type rotor continuous mixer,Implement the relevant technology
The process of environmental protection、Efficient、Low consumption

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Nanjing teng chemical equipment co., LTD

Nanjing yong teng chemical equipment co., LTD is a design、Manufacturing synthetic building block parallel twin-screw extrusion granulating machine and spare parts for the leading product of professional manufacturers。The company on the basis of using their own advantages,Absorb the elaboration of hundreds,Developed a new type of high torque、High speed、High yieldSHJTwin screw extruder series,…

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  • Wind and rain all the way along the song——Visit in jiangsu province, vice President of hunan chamber of commerce、Nanjing yong teng chemical equipment co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors Shu huan     Asked about shu general recipe for success,He's only six

Advice immediately24Hour hotline:86-25-52337410

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  How do you do!    We sincerely invite you to visit our company is located in“CHINAPLAS 2017International rubber show”(The 31 Chinese international model

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Remember just moved in a few years ago sembawang town,As our country to promote large-scale environmental education work,To give the people environmental protection consciousness,Urging people to reduce resource waste,Also strongly advocated recycle material after use。 So,Rushing to appear

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Main motor abnormal sound
The reason:Main motor bearing damage。Main motor damage of silicon controlled rectifier in a silicon controlled rectifier circuit。The processing method:Replace the main motor bearing。Check the SCR【In more detail】
Main motor bearing temperature rise too high
The reason:Bearing lubrication。Bearing wear。  The processing method:Check and add lubricant。Check the motor bearing【In more detail】
Lubricating oil pressure is low
The reason:Lubricating oil system pressure regulating valve pressure setting too low。Oil pump fault or suction tubing plug。  The processing method:Inspection【In more detail】
The host current instability
The reason:Feeding is not uniform、Main motor bearing damage or bad lubrication、A section of the heater failure,No heating、The screw adjusting pad is not correct,Wrong or phase,【In more detail】
Main motor can't start
 The reason:Drive program is wrong。There is something wrong with the main motor thread,Whether the fuse was burned。  To deal with【In more detail】
Head pressure instability
 The reason:The main motor speed is not uniform。Or uneven feed motor speed,Hello SAP fluctuate。  【In more detail】

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